How to find a good Edinburgh Hypnotherapist

How to Find a Good Edinburgh Hypnotherapist

To get the most out of your therapy you should find the right therapist for you. Shop around and talk to a few on the phone. You want to find a therapist that really understands your problems and puts you at ease immediately. He/she should also take the time to explain how the techniques they use are relevant to the issues or changes you want to make and should be able to answer all your questions.

Some hypnotists offer free consultations on the phone while others offer free face-to-face consultations. The thing to remember is that you choose the therapist that answers your questions and leaves you feeling confident that they can help you resolve your problem. When making initial contact by phone don’t be surprised to get an answer machine as they are commonly used while a busy Edinburgh therapist is seeing their clients. Leave your details and they will get back to you in the time stated on the message. Some hypnotists specialize in a particular problem or technique so make sure you ask the right questions to discover if they are the right therapist for you to hire. Three questions you should always ask apart from qualifications and experience are

1 How long will it take to resolve my problem?

This can vary enormously from therapist to therapist. And you will find that many won’t give you a specific time and will suggest you start with a number of sessions. It’s not uncommon for some types of psychotherapy and counselling to last for years and be a very unpleasant experience and still not resolve the problem. The thing to be aware of is that most psychological or emotional issues can now be dealt with very effectively and in a very short period of time with the right therapist using the correct techniques. On the other hand you might feel you need a longer period of support and this approach might be more suitable for you. Either way you should talk to a few therapists in order to find the most suitable solution for you. You should always get an idea of how long it should take and if they can’t give you one move on.

2 How much is this going to cost me?

This question goes in hand with the previous one. You should have an idea of how long and how much it will cost you. Do not automatically go for the cheapest fees as they are not an indication of the real value you will receive from the hypnotherapy. Again if a therapist cannot give you an idea of how long or how many sessions it will take to resolve your problem or how much it will cost then I suggest you move on and find one that will.

3 What guarantees do you give?

You will find that most hypnotherapists or psychotherapists in Edinburgh will give you very little or no guarantees. Especially if they cannot give you a specific time frame or cost. So its not surprising if they cannot answer the first two they will be unlikely to answer this one. This doesn’t mean they are bad therapists just that the approaches they use cannot be guaranteed or answer the above questions. However some approaches and therapists can offer guarantees work within time frames and give you an accurate cost. I would suggest if possible that you find such a therapist.

At the end of the day it really is up to you as to who you decide to hire  go by your gut feeling and if the first therapist you talk to doesn’t feel right talk to a few more on the phone until you find one that does.

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