Is Hypnosis Dangerous?

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You might be worried that Hypnosis n Edinburgh might be Harmful. But there really is no need...

In general hypnosis is a very safe form of therapy if used by an experienced qualified practitioner. There are many myths about hypnosis that can worry people and prevent them from seeking therapy that would otherwise be very beneficial to them. These worries include: being made to do something against one’s will, or reveal private information. Some people worry that they may become stuck in trance. These myths have no foundation in reality and are often the result of having seen a stage hypnotist perform or read a book or seen a film that perpetrates these myths in the name of entertainment. Stage hypnosis is far removed from the therapy office where members of the public volunteer and are willing to take part in a show. Stage hypnotists are also skilled at theatrical performance and the management and manipulation of this willingness and desire to be a part of a show. In reality a therapeutic trance is much less dramatic than on stage and is much more like a vivid day dream where you are always in control. Hypnosis is just a tool and a skilled therapist will focus on resolving your issues rather than “the hypnosis” which should always just be a “matter of fact process”.

Usually the method used involves inducing a relaxed trance state by talking in gentle, soothing tones and describing images meant to create a sense of relaxation, security, and well-being. People under hypnosis may appear to be asleep, but they are actually in an altered state of concentration and can focus intently when asked to do so by the hypnotist. This also enables the hypnotherapist to work directly with the clients unconscious mind to make positive lasting changes. The most effective forms of therapy are the ones that focus on the structure and the resolution of a problem (such as NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming) rather than dig into the past looking for details and reasons for having the problem which prolongs and sometimes exasperates the problem (such as with the now outdated Psychoanalysis or Hypnoanalysis and certain types of counselling.) click here for more info.

Either way you will always find you remain in control with your privacy intact and cannot be made to do anything you don’t wish to do. In fact one of the great things about the best kinds of hypnotherapy in Edinburgh is that it is totally non invasive. Although hypnosis itself is safe there are certain types of people that shouldn’t be hypnotized unless under the supervision of their GP. These are people with a serious mental illness, psychosis, epilepsy or severe clinical depression. Anyone on medications such as anti-depressants should not attempt to come off them without first consulting their GP and doing so under his/her supervision. Also anyone who is obese and might consider some form of exercise or change in diet as part of their programme should consider consulting their GP first. In many of these types of cases I may insist you get a referral from your doctor before commencing therapy with you. Hypnosis can also be used as pain control and a healing agent for certain illnesses such as cancer and should always be used in these types of situations along with Medical treatment and should never be used on its own.

Hypnotherapy has been recognized by both the British Medical Association and American Medical Association for its therapeutic benefits and legitimacy as a therapy. Read more here.

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