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Do you suffer from negative emotions on a regular basis?

Mainstream mental health care separates the two (labels) into distinctive separate “disorders”. However more and more clinicians and researchers have come to the conclusion that they are not two disorders but in fact two sides of the same coin.

In other words if you suffer from anxiety then it is likely that you suffer from depression too. The symptoms usually appear as overwhelming feelings of sadness of having no hope and often giving up and closing down – to feelings of intense fear and worry about future events.

Typical consequences of this mindset are avoidance of the future situations that are feared. These can include:

  • Not applying for jobs or promotion, performing badly at interviews or leaving a job
  • Becoming withdrawn and socially isolated and losing friends
  • Panic attacks, phobias etc
  • Avoiding dating, intimacy, sabotaging relationships, jealousy etc
  • Over eating, extreme weight gain, extreme weight loss – to deal with the emotions
  • Not being able to function in general giving up hope and not being able to “see a future”.

Depression and anxiety can work hand in hand as part of a structure that keeps the problem in place. Depression or feelings of sadness are to do with the past. These are gestalts or layers of emotion that have built up from significant emotional events and have not been resolved. For example if you recall any traumatic event from the past and still experience raw emotions then those emotions have not been resolved. Likewise anxiety is an emotion to do with the future some event that has not yet occurred. Many people will worry about a job interview or a date or doing a talk in front of a group or some future event. They will rehearse in their mind over and over all the things that could go wrong and vastly exaggerate them until they become overwhelmed by fear and either avoid the situation or create the situation they are trying to avoid. Or at least perform badly. There can also be other emotional gestalts (emotional baggage) present such as feelings of anger or guilt, debilitating fear, deep feelings of unworthiness low self esteem. In extreme cases there can be thoughts of self harm and even suicide.

The usual main-stream way of dealing with these “disorders” is either medication or counselling or a combination of both. While these can be useful for some people they don’t work for many. And most of the time they don’t resolve the problem.

The Shocking Truth about Medication

 Clinical research has shown that as much as 85% of all patients that take antidepressants experience “improvements” due to the placebo effect and not due to any pharmaceutical properties whatsoever. In fact the research has shown that in many cases the use of mainstream antidepressants can even make matters worse. 

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It can take up to three months for medication to “alter the brain chemistry” to a point where “improvements” are noticed. The medical profession doesn’t know for sure how antidepressants work but it is believed they increase the activity of Serotonin and Noradrenalin. These are chemicals that are thought to be associated most with depression and theoretically help the brain function effectively. There are also side effects associated with anti depressants which can create additional problems. Medication doesn’t treat the cause of the problem and often patients will re-experience depression when they come off medication. Anti-depressants are big business for the pharmaceutical industry with profits in excess of 1000% of the cost of manufacturing.

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Counselling and Psychotherapy Does it really Work?

Counselling offers support by providing a safe environment to talk about and relive past events – and in most cases dig up past events forgotten about. The theory is that by reliving past experiences and gaining insights as to why you have a problem will release the emotional gestalts associated with it. However in reality all it does is add another layer to the gestalt. This is why most people I have met or treated that have been in counselling have usually attended sessions for anything from a few months to couple of years but still have the problem. In some cases they tell me the problem has got worse.

In fact if you are reading this article and have been in counselling then chances are you are an expert on your problem. You are full of insights and reasons as to why you are this way. You may even be lucky enough to have been associated with a few diagnostic “labels” that wrap you up even further in the problem. And of course you are now stuck and STILL seeking a solution.

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Let go of Anxiety & Depression Move forward with your life

The only way to release an emotion is to release it. If you relive it all you do is add another layer to the gestalt. Digging up the past and looking for reasons why you are a certain way only re-enforces a problem by creating a stronger structure to hold it in place.

It is now possible for many people who suffer from bouts of depression, anxiety and other negative emotions such as anger, guilt, fear, feelings of being overwhelmed, hopelessness and low self-esteem to have these issues resolved quickly safely and once and for all.

Although this may not be suitable for everyone for those that are can now experience a “personal breakthrough” in just one 5-6 hour session. Where if you are accepted for this programme will be guaranteed to resolve the problem in that time frame. If you would like to find out if you are suitable for this process schedule a FREE assessment call on 0808 196 0356 and we can discuss whether this process is for you or not.

Many years ago  I once told a friend about this service. He held a high position in the NHS as a psychiatric nurse and was trained in CBT. He also had a private practice. His advice to me was that offering a guaranteed one five to six hour session to resolve emotional issues was a bad business model. He said I should be getting clients back once or twice a week for £60 a session for up to 2 years! 

This is really unnecessary for the vast majority of cases and is something I would recommend you avoid as such an arrangement will only reinforce and make the problem more difficult to resolve. However it appears as if its a “good business model” for some.

Find out if you are suitable for an intensive breakthrough session Schedule a FREE assessment call 0808 196 0356 now.

Is there really such a thing as mental illness? There is No such thing as chemical imbalance or any test. Ask your doctor they will tell you…

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