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Edinburgh Hypnosis for Anxiety

 Are you paralyzed by fear and negative thoughts?

When you constantly run images of all the possible things that could go wrong in just about every situation, you are predicting a disastrous future. Sometimes those thoughts are so realistic - you totally convince yourself that these future disasters are going to happen. Your mind can’t tell the difference between a real or imagined event and you will react as if it is reality. In the vast majority of cases your worst fears never materialize. It’s just the product of an overactive imagination.

Being able to foresee a potential problem can be really useful - up to a point.

Sometimes being able to look into the future and see potential dangers and hazards can be a real lifesaver. Giving you the ability to take preventative measures and avoid potentially harmful situations. You are able to change course and modify your actions depending upon the situation. And are able to deal with potentially harmful outcomes problems before they happen.

An over active mind will create the illusion of danger where none exists

However this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the mind doesn’t know when to stop. It constantly overreacts and instead of being an asset it becomes a liability. An uncontrollable overactive mind constructs an illusion of danger when in fact none exists. This affects your ability to make good rational decisions based on what is actually happening. And instead you might make bad decisions that could have a negative impact or limit your future for real. We are like movie directors that create and direct horror movies that scare us senseless. And this fear and anxiety spills over onto just about every new situation or opportunity bringing doom and gloom and a feeling of helplessness.

Your nervous system kicks into overdrive activating the fight or flight response. This an archaic remnant of a time way back in the past when the only dangers you faced were physical. You needed to prepare yourself to fight and defend yourself or run away from a physical threat. This primes your mind to constantly look out for danger. This is why you find yourself always thinking of the worst thing that might happen in every situation. You will see it as a possible danger. The nervous system is a bit outdated and only reacts as if it was physical threat even when today most threats are intangible. You tense up feel fear and anxiety but there is nothing to fight or runaway from.

Your life will be full of stress and inner conflict

If you suffer from a constantly overactive mind - your life will be full of stress, negative thoughts and a feeling of being distressed. You will misread innocent situations and may worry about whether you have said something wrong when a friend or work colleague doesn’t answer or return a call. When in fact they have been too busy or even just forgot their phone.

You can become over sensitive and take the slightest things personally. You can come to the conclusion that “someone doesn’t like you” because they are in a mood. Or that you are “not good at your job” because a manager or colleague is a bit short with you. Not realizing they may be going through a tough time in their own personal lives. And it has nothing to do with you. They are probably just as stressed and anxious about their own problems.

Constantly reading misreading situations negatively can have a compounding effect, leading to a series of bad decisions that can seriously put limits on your personal life and career. It can become a vicious circle self fulfilling prophecy. You see the world as a negative place, miss out on career opportunities and healthy personal relationships. And in the worst scenarios you can actually create what you are trying to avoid.

Hypnosis can reprogram your mind to stop anxious thoughts

Imagine if you could focus your mind positively with advanced hypnotherapy and free up all your energy and mental resources.  Deal more effectively with genuine challenges that need your attention now. With the enhanced ability to come up with better solutions and make more effective decisions you will simply create more success in the future.

We have worked with many clients enabling them to redirect their overactive mind to generate positive thoughts and emotions that lead to a happier more fulfilled prosperous life.

After you have worked with us you will experience


  • Increased energy and a feeling of well being
  • Reduced feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Take things as they come and stop worrying needlessly
  • Make better decisions and take positive actions
  • New unshakable confidence and self esteem
  • More success and fulfillment

Are you ready to transform your over active imagination? Start living a more prosperous and happy life? With advanced hypnotherapy in Edinburgh.