Fear of Public Speaking

fear of public speaking hypnosis

Breakthrough the fear of public speaking

Increase Your Confidence Enhance your Career Prospects

You may be afraid to speak in public or extremely self conscious and terrified of being humiliated or embarrassed in front of other people. Perhaps you experience anxiety and worry about what others think about you to the point where you avoid social activities that you would otherwise enjoy.

Fear of public speaking is a very common phobia and sometimes referred to as an anxiety disorder. This can also extend to eating and drinking in public, talking to new groups of people or strangers, taking exams, socializing at a party, and being asked to talk to a class.

Phobia symptoms manifest in a number of ways including: being mildly apprehensive to all the way to uncontrollable panic, palpitations, irregular breathing sweaty hands etc. Normally the closer you are to the event or thing that you are afraid of the stronger these symptoms will be.

For those that need to be able to deliver talks, presentations or speak in their job roles it can be serious problem.This can lead to avoidance of speaking in public to groups of colleagues or potential clients. Fear of Public Speaking can severely limit career progression. Missing out and being passed over for promotions and assignments that would mean having to speak in public can be totally demoralizing.  And cause a huge amount of stress.

Not being able to overcome a fear of speaking in public could mean settling for a career path that you are not interested in instead of the one you really want to pursue.

So if you suffer from Anxiety when public speaking and you need to speak to further your career then the only option is to get it resolved. This is something that hypnosis can achieve very fast and effectively without the need to take any medications.

I used to perform in front of audiences of 1000 or more and had to overcome my fear of speaking in public using hypnosis. Since then I have helped many people overcome all kinds of anxiety based  issues many of which involved speaking in front of investors, colleagues, at job interviews etc.

I also have coaching programs that will teach you how to put together presentations that have a major impact on individuals and groups of all sizes. And in all kinds of environments, board room, networking events, social events, sales pitches and presentations etc. So if you want to motivate, educate or sell a product or an idea I can assist you in getting the results you are after. Just ask me on the FREE CALL.

 Feeling nervous or a bit anxious before speaking or performing at certain events can be a good thing, it means  you are ready for action. But when it is overwhelming to the point where it is having a seriously debilitating affect on you and your career it’s time to get it sorted. Schedule your FREE Call Now.