Stop Smoking With Hypnosis in Edinburgh

Hypnotherapy is the most effective way to Quit

Many thousands of smokers like you have tried all the usual ways to give up smoking from nicotine skin patches, inhalers, chewing gum, tablets, nasal sprays mouth sprays or just sheer willpower and failed. If this sounds familiar to you then you need to try hypnosis.

“Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking” according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit in New Scientist Magazine where hypnosis was found to be three times more effective than Nicotine replacement (New Scientist vol 136).

Hypnosis was found to be 30% successful compared to Nicotine replacement only 10%. However we have found the success rate to be much higher and is dependent upon how serious someone is to quit the habit. If you have tried a few times and failed and have decided you MUST stop then the success rate is much higher 60% or more.

Join the many hundreds of people who have successfully stopped smoking easily and effortlessly using Edinburgh hypnotherapists. You will feel healthier, fitter and more attractive as a non smoker, as your smoking habit is removed, usually in just 2 easy sessions.  Don’t let smoking control you, sap your energy and ruin your looks and your health.  Stop Smoking fast with our stop smoking hypnosis programme.

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Hypnotherapy To Stop Smoking: The Most Effective Method

  • Most smokers stop smoking after the two hour programme.
  • Even when other methods have failed
  • Free yourself from the slavery of tobacco
  • Stop craving cigarettes and free yourself from nicotine
  • Live a longer happier healthier wealthier addiction free life
  • Built in relapse recovery to ensure you achieve your goal
  • Follow up session available if required free of charge (within 3 months)
  • We may recommend a full breakthrough process

Work with Your Unconscious Mind to free you from tobacco

You know smoking is bad for you and will probably shorten your life, yet you feel unable to stop? Despite that fact you know it’s expensive, smelly and anti-social, some uncontrollable urge still drives you to smoke. Edinburgh Hypnotherapy uses the power of your unconscious mind to effectively help you to reprogram your unconscious mind to make the changes you want to your life.

Quit Smoking in Edinburgh Today – The 3 Easy Steps To Success

Step 1. Decide You’re Going to Give up Smoking and take action today

Step 2. Book Your FREE Stop Smoking telephone Assessment Now

Step 3. Attend Our Central Edinburgh Stop Smoking Hypnosis Clinic

If you’re serious about stopping smoking, you’ll leave the Edinburgh therapy room as a non-smoker. Benefit from our successful stop smoking hypnosis programme,  using a variety of powerful techniques to make stopping smoking easier for you.

Appointments are usually booked well in advance, although we can usually book you an appointment for the following week. If you get our answer machine leave your name and phone number and we will get back to you within 24 hours to arrange a convenient time for your appointment.

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Stop smoking easily – PLUS – Feel like you’re not even giving anything up.

In fact you will be GAINING a more relaxed healthy lifestyle with more freedom. Your food will taste better, you will feel and look better and smell nicer. And you will have a lot more money in your pocket. The average smoker of 20 a day spends more than £2000 a year. Just ask yourself what you could do with that money year in and year out?

“Ive smoked since I was 12 now I feel disgusted when I go into a room full of smokers. I haven’t even felt a craving since I was hypnotized. I even tried one out of curiosity but the taste was terrible – never again. I feel healthier in my breathing and I can’t see any reason to start again”     Alan Gunn (52)

“I smoked for 16 years and I never thought I would give up.. I tried chewing nicotine gum but got addicted to it but this really makes you feel good” Angela Cunningham (32)

The TRUTH about Stopping Smoking

Is that it doesn’t have to be hard. Your unconscious mind is the key. You probably know that smoking is bad for your health and will shorten your life, that it is obscenely expensive and socially unacceptable; however smoking is an unconscious habit. You still feel helpless and compelled to smoke. Using Hypnosis to quite smoking effectively tackles the unconscious desire to smoke.

Hypnotherapy is an enjoyable, relaxing experience, where your conscious mind becomes very relaxed, while your unconscious mind opens up to and takes on board the suggestions which help you most. Every client is different and sessions are tailored to suit the individual.

Edinburgh Stop Smoking with hypnosis clinic offers you the most pain free way to give up smoking for good.
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