Hypnotic Business Networking

edinburgh Hypnotherapy business networking

Do you struggle at business networking events?

You know networking is an essential business activity right?. But if you are like many business people you probably dread the thought of attending an event. As you approach the venue that horrible sinking feeling begins to grip you inside and the anxiety takes hold. 

You start to worry about what others might think of you, or if they will ignore you and you will be left standing on your own feeling like an idiot? Sometimes you may become paralyzed by fear if asked to stand up and talk about your business in front of a small audience.

And another opportunity to make a positive impression and build relationships is lost!

It’s a real shame that so many business people don’t enjoy networking. It can be a great opportunity to promote your business. And also build long-term relationships with potential customers, clients and suppliers that can help grow your business.

Advanced Hypnotherapy can give you effective networking skills that will enhance your business. All business functions involve some networking to a degree and our hypnosis program will enable you to maximize every opportunity to network as they come up.

Our powerful “Business Network Hypnosis” program will rapidly transform the way you think and respond whenever you find yourself in a situation where you have an opportunity to network.

With our powerful “Business Network Hypnosis” you will benefit from


  • Overcoming fear and uncertainty around networking
  • A positive mindset and confidence boost at all business functions
  • looking forward to and even enjoying networking events
  • Creating instant rapport with potential customers, client or suppliers
  • Articulating your business in ways that make a strong impact with others
  • Building long term relationships that will benefit your business

If you want to take a giant leap in your confidence when it comes to business networking then book your free Breakthrough Call now!