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Are You Still Struggling Even after Taking Antidepressants?

Antidepressants prescriptions have been alarmingly increasing  year on year. During the past decade prescriptions have almost doubled in both Scotland and England. They grew from only 3.8 million in 2007/2008 to 6.6 million in 2017/2018. A 73% increase. While antidepressant prescriptions in England grew from 36 million in 2008 to 67.5 million an increase of  87.5%.

Psychiatry has become the fastest growing medical specialism despite having the poorest curative success. Psychiatric drugs are now more widely prescribed than almost any other medical drugs in history, even although their efficacy is highly questionable.

It can take up to three months for medication to alter your brain chemistry to a point where “improvements” are noticed. The medical profession doesn’t know for sure how antidepressants work but it is believed they increase the activity of Serotonin and Noradrenalin. (Yet they haven’t proved it) These are chemicals that are thought to be associated most with depression and theoretically help the brain function effectively. 

Avoid Unpleasant Side Effects of  Antidepressants 

There are also unpleasant side effects associated with antidepressants which can give you additional problems. Medication doesn’t treat the cause of your problem and often you will re-experience depression when you come off medication. Antidepressants are big business for the pharmaceutical industry with profits in excess of 1000% of the cost of manufacturing. And is worth £billions every year. Medical drug trials that show a negative light are often buried and medical research is often manipulated to push positive results. Drug trials and research that is funded by the pharmaceutical industry cannot be relied upon.

The theory about depression says it is caused by a chemical imbalance. However there is no physical test for mental illness so it isn’t possible to prescribe a chemical to restore balance. The chemical imbalance theory is now widely known as being flawed.

Research has shown that the small positive benefits associated with antidepressants are only slightly above what you would expect with a placebo. And are only really useful with severe cases of depression. However the risks can be severe with cases of patients experiencing suicidal thoughts. And longterm problems associted with physical changes to the brain

Breakthrough Sessions and coming off Antidepressants

We would never suggest you come off any medication without the supervision of your doctor. Which usually takes around 6 weeks. Antidepressants do not treat the cause of the Anxiety or Depression. And I have worked with clients who have been on them for years and still have the problem. However it is possible to resolve the emotional issues fast and effectively with Advanced Hypnotherapy. But I need to assess you before we work together to see whether this process is right for you. Which is the purpose of the FREE Breakthrough Call.

Now you can uncover and release what has been holding you back in one 6 hour session.

  • Resolve emotional issues from the past that are holding you back
  • Resolve negative emotions of fear, sadness and anger that create depression and anxiety
  • Get back to living the life you always wanted
  • Feel calm confident confident and relaxed


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