Do you need a Hypnotherapist?

deciding if you need hypnotherapy in edinburgh

I could to tell you  Edinburgh Hypnotherapy will change your life, but only you can discover that for yourself

Hypnosis is a good choice of treatment for psychological and emotional issues and clients who take this option usually have a good chance of resolving their problem very quickly with no unpleasant emotional feelings. Quite often clients can be assisted to come off medications such as antidepressants under the supervision of their GP. Or avoid medication if they see the therapist in time. It’s not unusual for an emotional problem to be resolved in one session that would otherwise linger on for many years; or in some cases has already been around for a long time. So if you are suffering from such problem to find the right  Edinburgh Hypnotherapist for you is worth the effort.

The right hypnotic approach can also treat and alleviate painful arthritis, injuries, migraines and headaches in a natural and drug-free way. An additional benefit is the release of tension and stress and cure for insomnia resulting in better sleep higher levels of energy and an over all increased sense of well being.

Many clients seek out Hypnotherapy in Edinburgh for smoking or weight loss both issues of which have proven to be highly effective and in some cases the most effective solutions. Another element that can make many more individuals a candidate for hypnosis is anyone merely looking to improve their feeling of well being or over all performance in life business or sport. An individual who isn’t necessarily suffering from any of the above conditions and wants to tune up so to speak could also receive much benefit by an increase in motivation confidence and self belief.

If you find that you can’t reach your career or personal goals no matter how much effort you are putting in you may actually be hypnotizing yourself to fail. Then you may be a good candidate for hypnosis. Your predominant thought patterns will determine what you achieve. And there are at least a couple of ways you could be programming yourself for failure.

1 The behaviour with the strongest emotional charge associated to it will tend to be what you repeat over and over.

It will be what feels most familiar and what you will be drawn towards doing whether it’s good or bad for you. You might habitually focus on negative feelings and thoughts which tend to blow the problem out of proportion and then swap over to being in denial that the problem even exists; which is why some habits are so difficult to eradicate.

2 You may allow your greatest fears to be realized by allowing your imagination to run wild and focus on all the things that could go wrong instead of focusing on your goals.

Worries then become your unconscious goals and you are drawn helplessly towards them. That’s how you get stuck in a rut become limited by bad habits and don’t reach your true potential.Your unconscious mind cannot process a negative thought and can only respond to a positive. Telling yourself what “not” to do is like trying not to think of a pink elephant, trying “not” to smoke, or trying “not” to eat chocolate; it conjures up the wrong image in the unconscious mind of the very thing you are trying to avoid. That is why negative motivation strategy often fails. The unconscious mind needs to be programmed for success. Seeking a hypnotherapist in Edinburgh will help you to make those changes that support you getting more of what you want out of life

An athlete or business or sales person can be “psyched up” to win, using hypnosis to deeply install images and rehearse mental movies of success which will emotionally motivate them to take action in a positive way without fear or guilt. Winners do not win by running away from failure. Thoughts of fear and guilt are stressful and unhealthy and will lead to bad performance. Decisions made out of stress or fear are not usually good decisions. Working with a good hypnotherapist you can vastly increase your chances of success and perhaps reach goals that you previously before thought were impossible.

Regardless of the reasons you find yourself on this page it will be worthwhile taking the time to find the best hypnotic treatment for you in Edinburgh. In most cases after you receive your therapy you will feel much happier and relaxed and you could dramatically improve your health and life in general. to learn more on how to choose the best hypnotherapist in Edinburgh to meet your needs click here

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