Driving Phobia

Edinburgh Hypnotherapy Driving Phobia

How good would it be if you could overcome your driving phobia and drive away confidently?

It’s easy to understand how someone can develop a fear or phobia of driving a car when they have been in a serious road accident. An intense negative experience can leave them suffering from debilitating anxiety or panic attacks at the very thought of driving. Making it extremely difficult for the person to get back behind the wheel. 

However most driving phobias develop without the occurrence of a major incident. In fact more people suffer from anxiety whilst driving generally than you would at first realize.

Making a simple mistake and having your driving criticized by a partner. Experiencing someone else’s road rage; being stuck in traffic; or being over anxious on a busy motorway with children in the back can be enough to be the cause of anxiety which will compound and grow over time. And may even develop into a full blown phobia.

Other common anxiety triggers are driving in the dark, during bad weather, busy highways or tight winding country roads. In fact any number of events and situations where you experience anxiety or fear driving can start the process of developing driving phobias.

Anxiety interferes with your natural ability to drive smoothly on auto pilot. This makes it more difficult to shift gears or apply pressure to the accelerator without thinking about it.  Soon you may find yourself doubting your ability to drive. Then you begin to worry about the potential hazards and begin to imagine being involved in a bad accident. That triggers more anxiety and it  becomes a vicious cycle until you have a full blown phobia.

Driving phobias can have a negative impact in all areas of your life. And can seriously affect your confidence in general. But you can solve this :

Our Performance Acceleration program using hypnotherapy will enable you to release the fear and anxiety and retrain your unconscious mind to respond in a relaxed confident way in all situations. This will make driving safer and more pleasurable.

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